Engineering Biology Metrics and Technical Standards for the Global Bioeconomy


As companies and technologies in the bioeconomy are poised to scale, and distributed biomanufacturing grows, there is a new sense of urgency to identify global technical standards and metrology for engineering biology. The lack of standardization across many aspects of the bioeconomy innovation pipeline is likely to cause major challenges with data integration and interoperability, regulatory clarity, product quality, and consumer transactions.

This program seeks to identify community and stakeholder driven scientific, technical, operational, and semantics standards to enable and drive scale up capabilities, improve reproducibility across batches and geographies, and enhance the performance of microbial factories and bio-products. These activities will lay the groundwork to establish open voluntary standards for engineering biology that enable the rapid growth and success of the bioeconomy.

Supported by

Italian Trulli

Task Force

Paul Freemont

Imperial College London

Elizabeth Strychalski

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Matthew Chang

National University of Singapore

Andrea Hodgson

Schmidt Futures

India Hook-Barnard

Engineering Biology Research Consortium

Juliette Malley

Imperial College London


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Americas workshop

Washington D.C.

7-9 June 2023

Asia and oceania

Asia/Australia workshop


29-31 August 2023

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Europe/Africa workshop


25-27 September 2023


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